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6 Super Simple Health Tips

6 Super Simple Health Tips

We all strive to achieve healthy living through one way or another. In the present generation, it is, even more, vital and crucial that everyone strives for this because this is an era where we are served unhealthy meals on every corner. I am talking about greasy foods, processed products, and junk foods.

Six Easy To Stick To Health Tips That Work

Drink Lots Of Water

This will never fail to appear as a healthy tip. One glass or two glasses of water is not enough to carry you through an entire day. You may have survived it in the past, but it is time to change things. The recommended number of glasses in a day is eight glasses. This will give you better metabolism and burning of calories.

Supplements Work Too

There are a lot of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals that we need for healthy living. Most of these nutrients are gotten from meals, and that is, why we are encouraged to eat balanced diets. Even so, eating meals alone may not be enough. Therefore, you can always go for vitamins supplements or mineral supplements. It is only two capsules a day. How hard is that?

Ensure That You Take Fruits Everyday

You can start off with a piece of fruit in the morning or finish your day with a fruit dessert. It is healthier than other kinds of desserts like fudge brownies. Fruits have vitamins and other nutrients that will replenish your body and even help in building your immune system. They are also very cheap and easy to get them.

Cut Down On Your Meat Intake And Increase Your Fish Intake

When you consume a lot of red meat, there are high chances that you will develop health problems like heart disease, certain types of cancer, and even stroke. Therefore, instead of red meat, how about fatty fish? Fish has a great supply of omega-3 which has health benefits to your body.

Substitutes Processed Beverages For Fresh Fruit Juice

I know you can get tempted to take your favorite soda or that mouth-watering processed pineapple juice that you love. Here is a better thought. Why not buy some fruits, take out your blender or juice extractor and get to work? This is a far healthier choice than the rest.

Take Time To Meditate

I doubt there is a better way to handle stress than meditation. Meditation will bring you a peace of mind, focus, and even self-discovery. Therefore, take some time to meditate so that you can clear your mind. Remember, mental health is equally as important as physical health. The state of your mind will significantly impact everything else about your life. Therefore, make no mistake to forget about taking care of your mind and spirit.

There are so many ways that you can ensure that you are living a very healthy life. These six are just but a few and yet the most important. Put it to practice as from today, and you will note a very significant change and improvement.

Posted by Terry Fuller on

Health And Nutrition Tips That Are Evidence-Based

Health And Nutrition Tips That Are Evidence-Based

I am sure that you have come across numerous health and nutrition tips over the years. Even so, have you ever wondered which ones have scientific evidence backing them up? Well, here are a few of the health and nutrition tips that have been scientifically proven to work all the time.

Top Ten Of The Best

Taking A Reasonable Amount Of Coffee In A Day

Coffee is not as bad as people paint it out to be. Coffee is an excellent antioxidant, and it can help one live longer, reduce the risks of developing diabetes type 2, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease among others.

Increase Your Intake Of Fatty Fish

We all know that fatty fishes have a high level of omega-3. The benefits of omega-3 are unlimited, and it can help to keep you healthy and strong away from diseases and infections.

Avoid Using Too Much Salt

The recommended quantity of sodium is only 1,500mg. Taking an excess of this has been noted to lead to conditions such as high blood pressure among other.

Drink A Lot Of Water Throughout Your Day And Drink Some Water Before Meals

Water is vital for your body. The higher percentage of your body is water. Also, taking water before eating increases weight loss helps boost metabolism and helps in burning calories.

Eat Some Nuts

Nuts are very healthy is as much as they are high in fat levels. Nuts are rich in fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, and more. Studies show that it helps in losing weight, prevent heart diseases, and so much more.

Exercise Regularly

When you exercise, you will burn up a lot of calories that will result in high energy levels. It also helps in improving your mood because it stimulates the release of hormones that make you feel happy and well.

Eat Eggs

There is a myth that goes around saying that eating a lot of eggs harmful to your health. I am talking about taking an egg or two a day.  Studies show that eggs do not raise blood cholesterol and neither do they cause heart diseases. They are very nutritious and especially the York.

Consume Herbs And Spices

We are surrounded with a lot of herbs that are very beneficial to our health. There are also spices like ginger, turmeric, garlic, and many others that are vital to our health because of their properties like being an anti-inflammatory agent.

Always Sleep And Get Enough Rest

The amount of rest you get will directly affect how productive you will be. The time to rest is the time your body will replenish and give you the energy to face another day. Never underestimate the power of a great night rest.

Take Some Time To Detoxify

Many people never actually detoxify their bodies. When you carry out a detoxifying process, you are ridding your body of all toxic substances. There are many detox products as well as DIY formulas for making them.

All these tips have scientific evidence that backs them up. They are a healthy way to ensure that your body is getting what it needs and avoids what it does not. This will translate to a wholesome being full of health.